Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Helping Women In Situations

One of the reasons the Catholic Church opposes the use of artificial contraception is that it offends against the dignity of women, ultimately reducing them, in the eyes of some men, to objects for pleasure: once the consequences of the sexual act are erased, then the risk is reduced and motivations may not be so pure. 

As Pope Paul VI understood, when he wrote Humanae Vitae, artificial contraception will lead to other evils, abortion among them.  Radical feminists reject the late Pope's teaching, saying that women are liberated by contraception and abortion.  Well, experience and reality have proved the Pope right, and here is one of the awful examples of how women suffer and their dignity is offended by such practices: sex selective abortion: gendercide.

It is well known that many baby girls are being aborted for no other reason than that they are female. The demographics of China, for example, show how true this is as the male population is far higher than the female: the one child policy makes couples abort their daughters so as to have a son to carry on the family name. 

We might say that here in the "enlightened west" we would never stoop so low - equality and respecting the dignity of women is a vital part of modern secular culture.  Well actually, no it's not.  There is evidence that reveals that baby girls in the west are being aborted to make way for a boy.  And the feminists are ignoring it, and as we can see from this video, those carrying out abortions are permitting and facilitating it:

I note that when asked if she will be allowed to have a sex selective abortion, the lady in the abortion clinic says they do not consider reasons - they are just helping women in situations.  I'm not sure the future women being aborted would agree with that.


  1. If it's morally acceptable to kill an innocent baby in her mother's womb, for any reason then it's morally acceptable to kill her because she's a girl. I'm aware of several babies and mothers saved from the evil of abortion over the past few months alone due to the prayer and assistance offered to women outside one abortion referral centre in Dublin. These centres are blatantly breaking the law to traffic women for abortion for profit but the law seems not to be employed against them. Please support the prolife organisations and campaigns through prayer, time and money as they lead the fights against the non-ending push to legalise the killing of unborn babies in Ireland. The next big event is the annual All-Ireland Rally for Life in Belfast on Saturday, 7th July. Father, could you please put up a notice on your websites and help spread the word. All priests in Ireland have been asked to request their congregations to attend. I hope there will be lots of priests with their parishioners, and many Bishops. All who are able should be there.

  2. I bet many priests won't mention the rally as they want to be 'pastoral'.