Tuesday, December 20, 2011

George Weigel Talk

For those of you who could not make George Weigel's talk on renewing the Church at the Iona Institute last week, here is the video just posted on the Institute's website.  Well worth watching.


  1. He has some good suggestions, but his scapegoating of past generations, who lived before the Council, is simply scandalous. The Irish Church of the 1950s is hardly at fault for the mess the Irish Church is now in. On the contrary we badly need to return to that model if we are to have any hope of recovery.

  2. No, we do not need to return to that model - bishops behaving not like pastors or teachers, but as petty chieftains jealously guarding their territory. The 1950's Church in Ireland had many, deep problems - just look at the life of Frank Duff and the difficulties he had to face from bishops and clergy as he struggled to establish the Legion of Mary. We can't return to the past, but then thats the bubble the Traddies live in: back to the Church, the clothes, the habit and hairstyles of the fifties and everythin will be perfect again!

  3. Yes, because the Church today is thriving by comparison with what it was 60 years.

    It is the neo-cons, "John Paul the Great" set who deny reality and who are living in a bubble.