Monday, March 28, 2016

Mother Has Gone To God

Mother has gone to God. And on Easter Sunday! May the Lord grant her eternal rest.

Mother Angelica was one of those extraordinary charismatic figures who light up the Church and the world at certain times in history. Full of faith and determination such figures understand that they have been given a task and they dedicate themselves completely to fulfilling that task for the glory of God and the salvation of souls. In her work Mother was zealous, wise and even mischievous in a good sense. She made firm friends and inspired millions, she also made enemies and some powerful ones too. Yet with humble trust, a forceful God-centred confidence and wit she carried on. In every battle she abandoned herself to God and she won. Her life was spent serving the Church and no suffering, no sacrifice was too great for her. She marvelled at the wonder of God, immersed herself in the Word of God and rejoiced in the presence of God. She has left us all an extraordinary legacy.

On a personal level I know I should be sad, but today I experience a sense of joy. I truly believe we now have another Saint in heaven, and my first reaction is to pray to her. Of course the Church makes such decisions, but privately I am convinced she will be a powerful patron for all of us in these difficult times. That she died on Easter Sunday is, to my mind, of great significance. May she now share in the beatific vision and intercede for all of us.

Eternal rest grant to her, O Lord, and through her intercession bless the Network and our EWTN family. You have taken our Mother from us, now in your mercy glorify her and give her back to us as our heavenly intercessor and protector.

Mother, thank you for your life of dedicated service, watch over us.

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