Thursday, May 7, 2015

Gathering Intercessors

We are having a great response to our Novena For Ireland. Thanks to the efforts of many in Ireland and around the world the news is getting out. Thanks to all of you promoting this initiative. In case it needs to be said I will say that the novena is not a political movement, it is a spiritual exercise, a gathering of intercessors who will pray for nine days, and fast for one, for the cause of marriage and family life. 

Please continue to pray for this and if you can promote the novena among your friends and colleagues. If you can convince your pastors to promote it also that would be wonderful. There is no copyright on the prayer, so if people want to print their own cards they are free to do so. At this time we encourage you to pray for the referendum in Ireland, but the prayer can also be used for other threats to marriage and the family. Our friends in the US are facing such a threat with the case currently before the USSC. For the prayer and details of the novena see the novena website:

The novena is not confined to us Catholics, all Christians and all men and women of faith can get involved. Many of our non-Catholic brethren may feel uncomfortable with the prayer, so I have written an alternative for them, and that too can be promoted and printed freely. Here is the link.

Thank you again. Have courage.

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