Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An Open Mind

One of the more interesting thinkers in the British Isles today has to be Brendan O'Neill, an Englishman of Irish descent, an "ex-Catholic" who is now an atheist, an atheist in the full and most open meaning of the word.   
While in recent times we have come to associate atheism with anti-faith and for us, anti-Catholic, atheism does not have to mean that.  O'Neill offers us a positive example of one who does not believe in God, but is willing to reflect on religious issues with an open mind.  He has been writing for some time on the Catholic Church and his views are always worth reading because he has some excellent insights.  I attended a lecture he gave in Dublin some months ago and I was mightly impressed. I found myself saying: "If only some of our Catholics were as good as this atheist!"
For one thing he sees that the media's coverage of the Church is not as objective as it ought to be, and I would like to draw your attention to one of his recent articles in the Telegraph on that exact point.  

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