Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bishop Of Killala Defends Life

Bishop John Fleming of Killala has a good article in The Irish Times, it is well worth reading.  In the piece the Bishop reminds us that abortion is never a humane solution to problems, it is in reality the killing of another, innocent human being.

Though it is a gentle defence of life, the Bishop also points out that for Catholics taking the life of an unborn child is never an option and the Church in Ireland will oppose any attempts to introduce abortion into our country.

I find it most ironic that after having a Constitutional referendum claiming to protect the rights of children shoved down our necks, now the same government may well be planning to deprive Irish children of the right to life.  Where is the consistency?

Well done to the Bishop, and to the Bishops of Ireland.   As I said before we need to pray for and support our Bishops in the forthcoming battle for life.

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  1. Yes, well done to Bishop John Fleming for speaking out in defence of Life. We will soon have the Icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, here in Ireland from the 16th November to the 26th November as part of the Ocean to Ocean pilgrimage which is organised for the protection and defense of Life. More information can be received on the From Ocean to Ocean pilgrimage website.