Saturday, October 6, 2012

Choose Life!

Tomorrow is Ireland's Day for Life.  The Bishops have produced an excellent video on the special website set up to promote the message of life as our government, it seems, is preparing to legalize abortion.  As a friend of mine told me: this report to come from the expert group (which is mostly made up of pro-abortion advocates) will advise the Minister for Health on the level of abortion we should have, not whether it will be legalised or not.    We need serious prayer!


  1. Where I attended Mass today, there was no homily on our duty to protect innocent human life against attack. It wasn't even mentioned in the announcements! I understand this happened in other churches too!! How can we ever hope to defeat the proponents of and campaigners for abortion (which many of us are working hard to do) if our Catholic priests won't even mention the worst evil threatening our society and all our souls on the one day designated by the Church for the respect and protection of the precious lives of all human beings??? Lord, purify your Church in Ireland.

  2. Very sad to hear that. Last evening and this morning I read the Bishop's Letter, but if priests wanted to preach, the Bishops gave homily notes to help them. Many priests are afraid of offending people and so think, mistakenly, that the more pastoral thing to do is not to preach on abortion, but pray and be supportive. It's not the best approach and leds to all sorts of problems including ignorance on matters of faith and morals. I'm sure some of our TDs think they can happily vote for abortion because they have never heard a priest or bishop speak out against it. A lot of work has yet to be done, we pray that things will change.