Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Update: Irish Embassy To The Holy See

Donum Vitae blog alerted me to a marvellous homily delivered by Fr Richard Gibbons, curate at Our Lady's Shrine in Knock, on the recent decision to close the embassy.  Follow the link and listen to it.   The Irish Times reported on the homily also. 

Breda O'Brien also had an excellent column on the issue in Saturday's Times.   Her final sentence just sums it all up: "Ireland has few friends. We have been reduced to humbly accepting the stray crumbs from the negotiating table where the important players haggle. It hardly seems the time to burn any more bridges."  One would have thought that the government would have the wit to realise that.  But then is it a case that ideology is confounding common sense? 


  1. It was great to find the homily on Midwest Radio - in their podcasts. They usually podcast the Mass every week.

    It was a fantastic homily and a lovely surprise to hear a priest speak out so boldly.

  2. I too was delighted to hear the voice of authority clearly articulate the feelings of most practising Catholics. Every word rang true. "The sheep know the shepherds voice."