Friday, August 19, 2011

Novena 2011 Day 3

‘Hear, O Emperor, and all the army, wise men and peoples of this city.'   Following his conversion on stage, Genesius addressed himself to the emperor and those present in order to speak to them of Christ and what he had done for all humanity in his death and resurrection.  Genesius tells them that he too hated Christianity, holding it and its adherents in scorn, but the washing of water and the vision he has had has brought him to the truth.   As Christians, learning from Genesius's example, but also heeding the words of the Lord to go out into the whole world, we too must address the state, civil society and the world of academia - the modern emperors, armies, wise men and women and people of the cities.  Christianity, even though it is mocked and despised, must not be hidden under a bucket, but must be proclaimed first and foremost through our lives.   Christ is the light of the world, we know this through our own faith and our personal encounter with him - we must strive to do what we can to help others to a personal encounter with their Lord and Saviour.  Today, let us pray for courage to do so.

Novena Prayer.   Our Father.     Hail Mary.     Glory be.

St Genesius, pray for us

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