Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Thar She Blows...?"

The Gateway to Hell: Hekla volcano, preparing to erupt?

It seems the volcano of all volcanoes is getting ready to blow.  Last year when the Ejako-what's-its-face* blew and created mayhem all over Europe, the experts were speaking in low voices about Hekla, the next door neighbour to Ejuko-yoke*, which tended to follow suit.  By far a more powerful volcano, Hekla (locals call it "The Gateway to Hell"), seems to have caused ecological and climate disasters all over Europe and beyond in the past.  God help us if that starts again, it may be more than the inconvenience of grounded planes.

Well, according to news reports, there is unusual activity in Hekla and the experts say it is ready to erupt.  So, people, time to invoke the dynamic duo again - SS Januarius and Agatha.   And as we keep this intention in our prayers, we might just remember all those who may be affected by a serious eruption, those in danger, those who may lose their livelihoods.

The Ash Novena

Novena to St Januarius and St Agatha
Patrons of Volcanoes

Blessed Martyrs, Januarius and Agatha,
you who offered your lives in witness to Christ,
into your hands we entrust all who are in danger.
Take into your special care those threatened by volcanoes
and the hazards of the natural world,
that the Lord may preserve them,
their homes and their livelihoods.
Guide all who travel and those who seek refuge,
may they find shelter in the Heart of Christ
and in the charity of their brothers and sisters in faith.

O holy Saints Januarius and Agatha,
courageous bishop and devoted virgin and bride of Christ,
commend us to the intercession of the Mother of God
so that we, like her,
may abandon ourselves to the will of the Father,
for the sake of the Son
with the help of the Holy Spirit.
* Father is just being silly, he knows it's called Eyjafjoell, although he can't pronounce it first thing in the morning or last thing at night, or even not at all.

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