Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winter Wonderland?

Well, the snow and frost have hit Ireland again this year.  Last night the flakes began to fall and we knew we were in trouble.  Every time snow comes to Ireland there is a national emergency - we are not used to it.  Living with a mild climate as we do, heavy winter showers are rare.  Will we have a white Christmas?  Might. Though given the fact that I'll have to traipse to three churches scattered throughout the countryside with steep hills and sharp bends, the novelty and romance has gone out of it.  "We're walking in the air" does not come to mind, but rather,
"We're traipsing through the snow,
we're freezing on the icy breeze,
and everywhere we go,
the car just slips and slides!"   Etc...
Anyway, it's all just part of global warming.  As we sit in our cars crawling at 10 km an hour in Arctic conditions and praying rosaries that the next slide won't land us in the ditch, we'll think of the polar bears sitting on a diminishing iceberg cruising through the Mediterranean.  The tragedy of it!   Wouldn't it be a heroic gesture to change places with that polar bear?  And we all aim to be heroic, heroic in the Mediterranean - can there be anything as Catholic as that?!  

So tell me, I'm not an expert on this, but how does plummeting temperatures, snow, ice and hard winters in a once mild country fit into this global warming thing?  Or do we go for the revised version, "climate change"?

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